Entry #14

My character is a doll

2015-06-19 15:12:47 by redcapkid16


Check it out guys. My lovely older brother turned my comic book character into an actual doll as a birthday gift. That's so nice of him. If you don't know who he is, he's Chris Baloney the Kid with the Redcap the webcomic series I work on. If you would like to read his adventures come to the site which the link is down below.




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2015-06-20 01:04:20

Holy crap that looks fantastic! How did he make it?! That's soo badass of him, i'll have to check out your webcomic c:

redcapkid16 responds:

Its from a really cool company called Budsies. They take a artwork of any character you created and actually manufacture it into dolls. The one I got was a large doll. Its awesome to own one but they're pretty expensive O-O to make.However its worth the money though as it is your own character that becomes a doll. Here's the site to learn more about it: www.budsies.com

and if you want to read my webcomic, here's the link below: