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My character is a doll

2015-06-19 15:12:47 by redcapkid16


Check it out guys. My lovely older brother turned my comic book character into an actual doll as a birthday gift. That's so nice of him. If you don't know who he is, he's Chris Baloney the Kid with the Redcap the webcomic series I work on. If you would like to read his adventures come to the site which the link is down below.


Hey everyone. A new Kid with the Redcap page is up!!


Little bit of update- My Summer vacation so far.

2015-06-09 18:46:17 by redcapkid16

Hey everyone. Hope everyone's summer vacation is going well just wanted to type out a few things of what been going lately with my summer break.

1)I'm storyboarding a new cartoon which I'm hoping to get it done by end of this week so I can go ahead and start typing out the script for voice recording and start animation after my birthday.

2)Kid with the Redcap will continue on but I will be branching out the series again after 6 months so it will be available to be viewed on Facebook, Newgrounds and some new site called Tapastic for webcomic creators (I have to look into it more).

3) I honestly haven't been "alive" with all the stuff that's been going on because I've been busy reading books on learning how to draw and animate plus Kid with the Redcap taking up so much time I have been pretty busy. Almost to the point that it became like a "job" for me tongue emoticon

4)Besides all of this, I actually am getting some good feedback from friends and family how much they're enjoying Kid with the Redcap and I thank you all for it.

5)I'l be taking adult school next week. More like hobby classes like learning to play guitar for 8 weeks and a one night class of how to make a living as an artist. So I'll be looking forward to it.

So yeah l blabber too much what's been in my mind lately. I got to go.

Kid with the Redcap on Newgrounds!!

2015-06-08 15:52:58 by redcapkid16


- Hey Newgrounds. I will start uploading older Kid with the Redcap comics starting with the Sister. Right here on Newgrounds. To follow up the latest pages, click here on this link below where I will start the third chapter of The Loud Party:

5257507_143221840962_Screenshot2015-05-21at7.02.43AM.pngI dunno if this is allowed on Newgrounds to promote my work on other sites but Kid with the Redcap has been flowing in nicely updating two days a week again. Loud Party is already going into the middle of the plot which I won't give any spoilers so I'll leave this here for anyone who's interested in reading the comic.


A new Kid with the Redcap page is up. Almost done with Chapter 2 (thank goodness) and typing up Chapter 3.

Short Film Finished

2015-04-25 14:59:13 by redcapkid16

5257507_142998688552_n.jpg All done with my first flash animated short I made with support by the university I attend

( it was originally a class assignment I worked on for two semesters.).

A year and a half i of hard work and it will be up there on the big screen at my school May 15th. Can't wait to see this and all the other films my school friends made.

So... to make things clear the film will be posted up here and  YT the week after it premieres at the school's film festival.

It was such a labor intensive experience but it was a lot of fun working on it despite the crummy animation not on par with the professor(s) expectations. I'm planning to make shorter films using my webcomic characters as my next creations and will be running around here checking out other NG artists' work (and be involved in some events) since the heavyload is finished and now it just easy schoolwork and Kid with the Redcap.

That's all I have to share with you guys and I'll c u all soon.

Me and Social Medias.

2015-04-18 19:30:20 by redcapkid16

Thinking of reorganizing my social media sites.
Facebook: Personal profile will stay the way it is. Kid with the Redcap: Update on the Kid with the Redcap comics. Art Page:Make it run more of a portfolio site showcasing my talent

Tumblr:Art of Page: Give a site overhaul for a more portfolio look. Random Blog:Posting my sheninigan journals.

Twitter:More of my shenigan journals and sketchbook doodles

Instagram:Sketchbook doodles

Newgrounds:Shenanigan journals and post up artworks and my short films.

WHEW. Too many accounts to keep follow. I'm gonna become a robot O-0

5257507_142920589553_Screenshot2015-04-16at10.14.13AM.pngHey everyone. A new Kid with the Redcap comic page got updated.

I'm still working my way through of the Loud party story so if you want to read it from the beginning, click here

5257507_142911388321_n.jpg5257507_142911390551_n.jpg5257507_142911399092_n.jpgHey everyone. My school (CSUF) had a special presentation of Pixar's upcoming Inside Out featuring the art director from the movie that came from Emeryville to talk about the production. Unfortunately students were not allowed to take photos of the artwork made for the film (it was goregous fyi) but at least I drew down these sketches of many people on my sketchbook  showcasing that the place was pretty packed. It was like Comic-Con all over again :D

I'll be brief and summarize what happened during the 1-hour panel


-1:50pm: Art director arrives, Albert Lonazo. He worked on movies Monsters Inc., Incredibles, Ratatouille, and Uo.

-1:52: Montage showing studio life at Pixar

-1:56: Inside Out director. Same dude that did Up.

-2:00-Describing the protagonist of the Riley. Created after the directo's own daughter.

-Introducing the characters: Joy, Anger, Disgust,Sa, and Fear.

-2:09- Describing the world of the movie (with more goregous art)

-2:11- A funny scene from the movie.

-2:18- Explaining over the famous Pixar's story process. New ideas pop up and are revised. Repeats. Ideas are pitched again and again.

-2:22- Going into DETAILS... DETAILS... DETAILS... D...E...T...A...I...L...S...

- 2:28- HOLY SHIT- We got to see the first seven minutes of the movie.

-2:35- Q&A (I asked a question. His response were interesting.)

-3:17- Talked about the story internship. End of session.

It was a great event and I hoped you enjoy this little journal. Btw, my short film's finished. Making last minute editing and will be premiering at the school's film festival this May.

Hi Everyone

2015-03-17 14:36:03 by redcapkid16

Happy St. Paddy's Day from yours truly.

Anywho been lately busy 5257507_142661663163_TumblrCoverPaddysDay2.jpgwith school such as intro to CG class that I really don't care much about. Kid with the Redcap has been very slow updating new content for this reason so it will be a while until I upload again to the normal Tues/Thurs. schedule (although I've been considering advancing to 3 days a week for a while.) Anthony's Shadow, a short film I've made at school has 85% of the animation complete and should be nearly done by spring break ready for post production for submit it in  May for the film festival (however a trailer will be made around spring break so stay tuned).





Here's more sneak peek  images from the short film I'm working on.